Friday, February 13, 2009

Rain, Please Come.

Alhamdulillah thanks God, finally after a month of dry the rain came on Thursday, 12 feb. Eventhough it was only 2ml of rain, but at least it was water. But, if there's is more rain to come, we could expect a surge in FFB production, due to higher no of bunches with above 5 fruit detached. . Dry period, actually slowing the process of ripening oil palm bunches. But, once ripened, this bunches contain an optimum oil content , thus improved the Oil Extraction Rate (OER) at the mill. One could expect the OER should be around 21-22%, thus giving higher return of revenue from each tonne of Fresh Fruits Bunches.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Rattling Communicator: Oil Palm Estate in Kg Tali Air

Rattling Communicator: Oil Palm Estate in Kg Tali Air


This is the most feared disease of oil palm industry "Ganoderma". If not properly control, it will wipe out oil palm from Malaysia. Originated from soil borne pathogenic fungi Ganoderma boninense. But, this can't be consume by human being as other Ganoderma such as "Gano Coffee". No research being conducted for this species regarding it benefit to human health.

Dry Weather

It was almost a month the estate didn't receive any rain. Actually it had an adverse effect on oil palm especially sex differentiation which determine the male and female flower, thus affect number of oil palm bunches to be produced. Others effect due to this adverse weather are:
  • Slow new frond production that effect inflorescence emergence.
  • Abortion of nearly formed bunches.
  • Metabolite function.
All of the above might affect yield in next 20-24 months.


Oil Palm is very unique on its own. The whole oil palm biomass and its product (tangibles or intangibles) are valuable to human being. Even the person who work under the oil palm tree benefits in term of health. Therefore, this blog is to promote oil palms and its product to all readers and bloggers. Query, arguing and suggestion is always welcome.